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The Madhatters

The Atlanta Madatters hockey program is a staple within the USPHL Florida conference both at the Premier and Elite divisions as players from all over the world have come to play in order to enhance their abilities, and to be apart of winning culture. Here at the Madhatters program we look forward to providing all of our players with an unmatched experience that will yield true player development and advancement. In order to ensure an unmatched experience, the Madhatters program is pleased to say that we have left no stone unturned when it comes providing our player with a highly qualified coaching staff, high level game schedule to ensure exposure, top notch amenities, much more. Please see below to learn more about what the Madhatters program has to offer.

Day In The Life Of A Madhatter Player

The Atlanta Madhatters program is proud to have a structured daily plan for each of our athlete's to ensure that our players have the opportunity to be successful on the ice, in the gym, and in life. To the right on this page, you will see an example of one of our team's daily schedules. Please note that this is for example purposes only, not our actual team schedule etc...

**For those players that are still in high school or taking that are taking college courses and wish to do so within a school environment, please see below.






3:00 - 4:00pm



Team Workout

Team On Ice Practice

Team Video


Madhatters Player Development Model

Here at the Madhatters program, on ice and off ice training is the backbone to our players success. The Madhatters daily training schedule consists of on ice team practice, a gym session with our strength coaches, a video session with our video coach and coaching staff, and on set specific days each week mixed martial arts and boxing training with our coaching staff. In total each player will receive over 270 hours of instruction in the following areas: on ice training, off ice training, video review and analysis training, mental toughness and DISC assessment training, and most importantly development in becoming a successful young man.



Game Schedule

The Madhatters are excited to announce that we will be playing one of the most competitive schedules in  the USPHL by playing in Florida conference. The Florida conference is widely recognized as one of the strongest division of the USPHL. Thus, our objective is to ensure that every time we play a game, our players have the opportunity to be watched by a coach or scout from the next level whether that be Tier II junior or NCAA.  In order to achieve our objective, we will be playing 45+ regular season games which includes at least three showcases and will be looking to a long post season with a playoff run to nationals.


Academics is a crucial part of becoming an elite level athlete, and because of this, the Madhatters program has partnered with The Athlete Academy; an industry leader in providing traditional - hybrid academics and athletic training to those student athletes that are serious about fulling their athletic and academic goals. The Athlete Academy is conveniently located within the Compete Center where the Madhatters will play and train. The 12,000 sqft academic center is fully equipped to provide our athletes with a brick and mortal school atmosphere that includes full time teachers, student teachers from nearby colleges, and all other amenities found in a traditional school. For those student-athletes that are interested in attending the Athlete Academy please select the "learn more" button. Please note the academic services provided is separate from the Madhatters program. 

Health, Wellness, and Mentorship

At the Madhatters program we are truly invested in knowing who our players are, and how they learn, both as people as well as hockey players. In effort to help our players improve both physically and mentally, the Madhatters program has invested heavily into bringing together industry leaders to help our players get the most out of their bodies and minds. As a result, all players will partake in a DISC personality assessment as well as receive mental performance training by industry leader, Gordon MacFarlane. Coach MacFarlane is a certified human behavior specialist, NHL mental performance coach, international best-selling author, and former professional hockey player. Coach MacFarlane will work with our players throughout the season by using the results of each player's DISC assessment and couple it with industry leading mental training. In doing so, Coach MacFarlane will teach our players how to break down mental barriers so that our players can reach their maximum potential, while also providing our players with the tools to overcome adversity to develop strong mental toughness. Additionally, Coach MacFarlane will be able to provide our coaching staff with key insights on how each player learns and needs be coached; thus allowing our coaching staff to have the ability to help each player maximize their development both in the game of hockey and in life.

In addition to the mental training from Coach MacFarlane, the Madhatters program understands the importance of physical recovery, and therefore, is proud to have a certified physical therapy partner that our players will have access to. Our certified physical therapy partner will aid our players in the following areas: administering injury prevention, evaluating injuries, injury recovery and treatment, and post injury recovery therapy. Aside from physical recovery, the Madhatters program takes brain related injuries very seriously, thus the Madhatters program, is proud to be partnered with Concussion Free Zone. Concussion Free Zone is an industry leader in concussion baselining and return to play protocol backed by the Neurological Performance Group, an elite team  who specialize in treating brain related injuries sustained in sports. Concussion Free Zone also comes with $25,000 worth of insurance coverage for concussion related treatment.

Our Facility & Amenities

The Madhatters Program, in partnership with the Compete Center, The Athlete Academy, Prosper Athlete, and so many more have set out to create an Elite hockey player development model and destination of choice. The Madhatters program is a place where top level hockey players can receive academics, athletics, performance, and more under one roof. Thus, the Madhatters program believes that our facility and amenities rival that of any youth, prep, or Junior hockey program in the country.

  • The Athlete Academy - school

  • Full sheet of ice

  • Mini rink for training & shooting

  • Prosper Athlete - gym & recovery center

  • Dedicated video room & goalie simulation

  • Dedicated locker rooms

  • Dedicated player lounge

  • Dedicated trainers room

  • Proshop

  • Basketball court

  • Full size pool w. Scuba diving

  • Full service restaurant

  • And more is coming soon

Billet Program

The Madhatters program believe that those players that are not native to Marietta, GA area should not be left in dorms to fend for themselves, yet rather be placed in a family friendly home environment that allows our players to fully immerse themselves into the local community. Thus, the Madhatters program is proud to say that we have a robust billet program filled with the best families in our area that are extremely welcoming and willing to provide an incredible experiences for all of our out of town players!

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